At the end of 2016, the final report of the project “Media Heritage” was published. Initiated by The Film Archive together with the University Library at the University of Groningen, this pilot project aimed at exploring innovative forms of education and research in the fields of Film Studies, Media Studies, Heritage Studies, History of Technology, Media Curating, and other areas that share a focus on material objects. New forms of representation of these objects were explored, to “retool the imagination”. Within the pilot project, the focus was on 3D technologies (e.g., scanners, printers, 360 degree photo cameras) on the market today.

 The objectives of the project were:

  • To create an open platform for the presentation of objects from the collection of apparatuses in the Film Archive, as well in partner collections, in support of education, research, and heritage studies.
  • To explore different forms of representation of a small group of prioritized objects form – e.g., 3D scans, 3D prints, 3D modeling (as in replicas), 360 degree photography – and to test limits and benefits for education and research.
  • To gather established knowledge as well as develop new practices with regard to enriching 3D representations of media objects on an open platform with metadata and related source material.
  • Recommending and possibly defining standard(s) for metadata in the field of Media Curating.
  • Explore forms of sharing information via the platform with partners, in particular with the universities and museums assembled in the Network for Experimental Media Archaeology NEMA.

Various members of the Network of Experimental Media Heritage shared their expertise with the project team. The results of the project are presented in the final report that can be downloaded via the link below. The report contains a chapter on the affordances of 3D representations for Research and Education, a description of the process to create the different 3D objects, and chapters on metadata and setting up a platform for sharing 3D media heritage objects and related sources. 

Download the report