Dear colleagues,

Before you leave for the summer vacation or dash off to Paris, Frank Kessler and I would like to invite you for the international conference “A Million Pictures – History, Archiving and Creative Re-Use of educational Magic Lantern Slides” that will take place at Utrecht from 29 August – 1 September 2017.

We expect around 100 participants from at least 14 countries: researchers from various disciplines, curators, archivists, artists and museum staff.

Highlights will be

  •         Tuesday, 29 August, 18:30-19:30 – Drift 21 – Room 0.32:
    Keynote lecture by Prof Erkki Huhtamo, UCLA: “Projections: On the Media Archaeology of the Screen”
  •         Wednesday, 30 August, 17:00-20:00 – Drift 21 – all over the building:
    Conference Fair with live performances, installations, poster presentations, book stands and demonstration of digital tools
  •         Thursday, 31 August – 18:30-19:00 and 19:30-20:00 – Parnassos Theaterzaal
    Performance by Theatro Dondolo
  •         Friday, 1 September – 15:00-15:45 – Drift 21 -  Room 0.32:
    Closing Remarks by Prof Vanessa Toulmin, University of Sheffield & National Fairground Archive

The preliminary programme is also available online

If you wish to attend entire days, please register:

If you have a day to help: please let us know.

And if you have a last minute contribution for the conference: please contact me as soon as possible (we still have 3 places for poster presentations left)

Hope to see you in Utrecht in August!

But first, of course, enjoy the summer break.

Very best,

Sarah Dellman

University of Utrecht